Chief Minister's Good Governance Associates

Our Associates

In the 2 years since the institution of the programme, we have worked with 42 bright and passionate young men and women.

  • 57% of our 42 Associates have been women
  • Associates hail from 15 different Indian States
  • Associates bring an average of 1.5 years of work experience to the programme.
  • 66% of Associates have postgraduate education before the programme.


Out of the 21 total Associates in the 2016 Cohort, we are proud to share that we have 100% continuity of field amongst our graduates.

  • 19 out of 21 associates are engaged in full-time opportunities within the social and development sphere, and all 21 Associates are actively engaged within the sphere in some capacity.
  • 13 Associates have continued to work with the Government of Haryana on various projects; 1 has gone on to work with the Government of India and 3 are now working on projects with various United Nations programs.
  • 6 Associates have continued to either remain a part of CMGGA, or otherwise engage actively with CMGGA for 2017-2018.
  • 6 Associates have gone into Development Consulting, 2 in Political Consulting, and 1 Associate is working with a Think Tank in the development space.
  • 3 Associates are currently preparing for their UPSC examinations and hope to formally join the Civil Service, and 1 Associate went on to complete higher studies in a related field.

Please Note: A few associates have been counted in multiple categories, above, according to different axes of their current work.

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