Ankit Jain

Age: 26

Degree and Institution: Bachelor of Technology (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering), IIT Kharagpur

District: Jind

Work Experience: Business Executive, Rio Tinto for Mining

About the CMGGA Journey:
“The CMGGA journey, in this short span, has enabled me to reflect upon my own skill set and temperament, based on which I can now look forward to a career which can satisfy my inner soul.

Some beliefs about how government functions have changed (e.g. I used to think everyone in government is lazy) and some have been reinstated (e.g. I think it’s true that the government has lagged behind with respect to the latest advancement in technology when compared with private sector and the international players)

To sum up, over the last 8 months, I have got to learn how the government functions - both at the state level and at the district level, and have been able to make my small contribution towards enabling better governance at both levels.”

Chirag Garg

Age: 24

Degree and Institution: Bachelor of Technology, Agricultural and Food Engineering, IIT Kharagpur,
Post Graduate Diploma in Liberal Studies; Young India Fellowship Programme, Ashoka University

District: Fatehabad

Work Experience: Mother Teresa Fellow, Civic Response Team for Urban Management
Mother Teresa Fellow, Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy, Sustainable SWM in Hilly Areas

About the CMGGA Journey:
“Last 8 months have been a life changing experience for me. It has pushed my limits beyond my imagination. The insightful journey has unfolded several myths about functioning of government and provided me with an avenue to work with such highly motivated officials towards good governance. The unique opportunity to witness both bird-eye view of several schemes catering to different departments while working with the CM and the CM office, and the on ground implementation with district administration sets this programme apart from everything. This programme changed my view of time and scale. After 8 months, I can do so many things at one point of time than I could even think of doing earlier in same time.

I think the Government is the only body which can really scale up things at a state level in very less time and this opportunity allows one to be part of this marvelous experience.”

Palak Rawal

Age: 22

Degree and Institution: Bachelor of Commerce (Hons); SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi University
Post Graduate Diploma in Liberal Studies; Young India Fellowship Programme, Ashoka University

District: Rohtak

Work Experience: Mother Teresa Fellow, Civic Response Team for Urban Management
Mother Teresa Fellow, Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy, Sustainable SWM in Hilly Areas

About the CMGGA Journey:
“The journey in this programme has been one with immense learning, both personally and professionally. Coming straight from an educational space to a work environment, from the willingness to work in the development space to working in a government setting, the experience has been great.

Before entering this programme, I used to believe how the government isn’t doing enough and how there is so much that needs to change. The opportunity to help contribute in these aspects is what motivated me to apply here. Once into the programme, I realized how complex the whole system is, how ideas are different than practicalities, how probably a lot is being done but we do not see it. I also realized how one needs to pick battles on ground. My perception of the government has really changed in the last eight months. I have had the chance to work closely on different government programmes, with multiple key departments such as education, transport, women and child etc. I believe this programme has been a great platform to learn how the government functions, be a part of the work that’s done and learn from one’s own experiences.”

Pratik Harish

Age: 26

Degree and Institution: Bachelor of Arts, Mechanical Engineering, M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Master's Programme in Public Policy, National Law School of India University, Bangalore

District: Kaithal

About the CMGGA Journey:
“Having done my master’s degree in public policy, I was looking for an opportunity to work at the grassroots level to understand the functioning of government. The CMGGA programme provided me an ideal platform for this. Every day in the programme has been a new experience as there’s always something new to pick up. Working with senior officers and learning from their experience has really helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Alongside the learning, the programme has given me a great opportunity to implement different solutions and begin contributing my bit to society. Small tweaks in processes to introduction of innovative practices, the programme provides so many opportunities to make a difference. The best part of the programme is that as an associate one is able to drive change not just at district level but also at the state level by participating in policy level discussions.

Overall, the last eight months have been really exciting and enriching. It’s great that I got the opportunity to be a part of this programme right at the start of my professional career.”

Priyanjali Mitra

Age: 24

Degree and Institution: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sociology, Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University
Master of Science, Sociology, University of Oxford

District: Panipat

Work Experience: Research Associate, Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy (CLRA)
Consultant, International Labor Organization (ILO)

About the CMGGA Journey:
“The decision to take up the program was also not an easy one since I was wondering whether I would be able to do justice to it in such a short span of time to such a project. But I was extremely excited at the prospect of it being aligned with my short-term goals – objectively I was taken in and convinced.

The last eight months haven’t been easy. But they have been anything but boring or stagnant. There has been a great deal of unlearning. From the excitement of moving to a new district, the anger and frustration at the pace of things, the humility at the long hours that officers put in and often the amusement at the views of some of the people I have met on the field- it has been a roller coaster. I have learnt to be okay with not knowing and not having the answers to every problem I am faced with.

On the one hand, we are expected to work on results-based delivery of flagship state government schemes along with the possibility of re-engineering processes and increasing efficiencies in our respective Departments. But on the other, this year also gives each one of us an opportunity to work on a pilot project that we can claim ownership of and accountability for in the long run. When twenty-one minds ideate and think of potential solutions to the problems that the citizens in their respective districts face, it can be a very exhilarating and nerve wracking process. Whatever the results of this may be, collective ideation also gives us hope. It stretches the imagination and there is cross-fertilization of solutions that could work on ground.

I am slowly starting to see the movement in the system- the lubrication that is much needed to bring about change- to improve quality of governance.”

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