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The CMGGA Programme is a strategic collaboration between the Government of Haryana and Ashoka University to improve governance in the state and driving a mass impact on ground. Running since 2016, the programme provides a platform to 25 young individuals each year, to work closely with the Chief Minister's Office for bringing transparency, accountability and efficiency in public service delivery in the state. The CMGGAs are recruited through a competitive process with the selection ratio of -1:100. The associates are trained and oriented about government functioning and structure through a 15 day boot camp at Ashoka University and are then posted across 22 districts to work in tandem with the district administration for a period of one year.

During this one year, CMGGAs ensure streamlined implementation of the state government’s flagship programmes in the field of education, women’s safety, health and sanitation, higher education and e-governance. CMGGAs drive convergence between various government stakeholders and departments within the administration to re-engineer processes and de-bottleneck implementation challenges. CMGGAs also work on an innovative pilot project for addressing an issue pertinent to their district. If a pilot project is found successful, it gets scaled up at the state level.

The four batches of CMGGAs have been instrumental in driving stories of change in Haryana, resulting in palpable and visible impact on ground.

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Apr 21, 2020
How ready are we for
Globally, multiple countries are fighting/managing the covid19 crisis by adopting best-suited interventions for their respective areas. India responded to the situation by imposing the biggest lockdown for 1.3 billion people, marking it to be a historic move.
Mar 27, 2020
One Workspace, Two A
While I was in the Public Governance models’ lecture during my Masters, it was pretty much established in my mind, with great conviction, that the only way of governance I support and probably would want to take-up at future work assignments is the bottom-up approach.
Feb 17, 2020
Inside out
In all my years of observing Government systems and ideologies, my natural response to every issue was — This is how the Government functions in India. To try and change that, and in an attempt to understand this world from the inside, I joined the office of the Chief Minister of Haryana as an ass

Durbeen is a young
perspective on working
with the government.