Child Rights Fellowship.

The Child Rights Fellowship is a strategic collaboration between Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) and Ashoka University to engage young professionals in transforming the lives of children in Delhi NCR. The Fellowship aims to strengthen child rights and welfare in Delhi by driving mass impact on ground. It provides the Fellows with a platform to work on reforms, policy implementation and government stakeholder engagement. The Fellows get an opportunity to innovate interventions and leverage data to strengthen child welfare initiatives and resolve implementation bottle- necks. In the first year of the Fellowship itself, the Fellows have made a landmark achievement by launching 10+ projects across our three focus areas of Education, Health & Nutrition and Juvenile Justice.


Juvenile Justice

Ensure that juvenile justice institutions, comprising of Child Care Institutions (CCIs), Child Welfare Committees (CWCs), District Child Protection Units (DCPUs), and Juvenile Just...


Health and Nutrition

Build end-to-end mechanisms to strengthen and improve access to all the entitled services for children in Anganwadi Centers, and create a safe environment for them to learn and gro...



Reduce dropout rates in government schools in Delhi and increase the overall attendance rates in schools


SUPER Village

The SUPER Village challenge creates a unique trinity of interests between the agents identified and establishes a synchronised incentive structure by adopting a gamification model...


Social Audit

To conduct social audit of selected schemes by an independent social audit unit in Fatehabad to ensure transparency, accountability, effective grievance redressal and prevent leaka...


Khoj Khiladiyon Ki

To promote sports as an integral part of curriculum in government schools of Mahendragarh district by motivating various stakeholders to participate in an annual sports meet in eve...


Bhavya Bhiwani

Initiated in December 2018, the project aimed at improving the overall quality of life of citizens in Bhiwani districts by taking strategic and planned development measures


Svasth Bhava

The main aim of the project is to improve the accessibility and quality of Primary Health Care services for the citizens of Panipat District.


Chuno Zindagi

To work on the two main components of the broad issue of drugs menace - supply reduction and demand reduction - and help the district administration in reducing its prevalence.

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