The Programme

The Associates can expect to gain:

  • Work experience in public administration related to social welfare and economic development
  • Skill in stakeholder management through implementation of government policies and schemes
  • Access to and guidance from experienced and senior decision-makers
  • In-depth knowledge of a relevant topic of their choice through research and dissertation writing.
  • Connection to a broad network of development institutions and actors

As the state of Haryana strives to develop rapidly, assisting their district’s administrations in driving the implementation of the state government’s social development schemes in will occupy a considerable proportion of the time spent by the Associates in the field.

The work is arduous and will often require long hours and perseverance on the part of the selected associates. The primary areas of work for the Associates include:

  • Facilitating implementation of the government’s flagship schemes
  • Implementing and scaling-up innovative pilot projects to accelerate social development
  • Analysing administrative processes and recommending changes to improve efficiency
  • Supporting the work of the Deputy Commissioner (DC)
  • Conducting research towards writing a dissertation on a topic of relevance and choice
  • Any other tasks as assigned by the Chief Minister’s Office or the CMGGA Programme Team

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